Signs Plus manufactures a wide range of custom labels. Brilliant full colour labels durable and waterproof. They can be used for all types of products, ideal for jams, sauces, mustards, relish, short run wine and beverage production and thousands of other uses. Stickers are supplied either in roll or sheet form and can be contour cut to custom shapes. Silver and gold metallic colours available at extra cost. Ideal for those manufacturers that don't have automatic labeling machines.

Digital printed labels

General Information
Stickers are digitally printed onto self adhesive vinyl and then cut to size/shape. Labels can be laminated for extra protection but this is only needed in special circumstances as the print is UV resistant and waterproof..

Pricing & Ordering
Please use our estimating program on the sticker pricing and ordering page. Enter your requirements for a quick estimate. If the estimate suits your budget submit your details and we will e-mail you a firm quotation. Metallic colours are at an extra cost that varies with each design.

We print onto many different types of vinyl including white, ezy-apply, clear and metallic, normally clear vinyl is used with black and metallic colours or when the label is to be used on a light coloured product..

We can manufacture labels in almost any size requirement.

Digital printing offers full colour reproduction and photographic images, PMS matches are available for a wide range of colours. We also offer a wide range of metallic colours at extra cost.

Quality signage is important to any business with the assistance of our capable graphic designers you can be confident of a professionally designed label. Please refer to our artwork submission page for details on submitting your artwork.

Application is a bit harder with vinyl waterproof labels so more care is required to eliminate air bubbles. Once you have applied a few you will find the process easier. We can supply the labels on an ezy-apply vinyl which easily eliminates air bubbles but does have a slight surface texture.

Normal delivery 7-10 working days by Australia Post/Courier. Please enquire when placing an order or seeking a quotation, urgent jobs are our specialty.

Please email any enquiries to

Please click below to access our online pricing calculator and order form. You can use this form to calculate quantity discounts, if you submit an order we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm payment options.