Outdoor Banners

Signs Plus can supply all your outdoor banner needs. All our banners are printed in house and custom made to your requirements. The outdoor banners are printed in full colour double or single sided.
Finishing options include a straight hem, hemmed with eyelets, ropes top and bottom or hemmed with ropes. Other options include pockets top and bottom to suit mounting on poles.
Outdoor vinyl banners will last longer than a fabric banner and are great for displaying your message or brand. Other uses for the banners are school open day banners, event banners, shop front banners or market day banners.
If you would like a quote on an outdoor vinyl banner please let us know.


  • Australia wide delivery
  • In house design team
  • High quality print
  • UV protective laminate
  • Rope tie offs
  • Metal or clear eyelets
  • Hemmed edges
  • Strong vinyl rip stock material
  • Maximum width of 1500mm for banners produced in house

Installation Guide

Banners installed outside are exposed to high wind, extreme temperature changes and sunlight, all these can reduce the life of your banner, therefore it is very important to hang and maintain the banner properly to assure the longest life possible. Tie banner as tightly as possible. Use bungees in preference to rope, the bungees will allow the banner to give in the wind instead of tearing.
Keep tension on all four corners of the banner and make sure that the banner does not flap in the wind. Banners may be mounted on fences with cable ties and screwed to walls etc. Please download our PDF on banner care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do these usually take to be made?
Usually, most banners are posted out with 5 working days after approval. Double sided banners or a size over 1200mm high may take longer to produce.
Will the UV clear coating help much?
Yes, we always recommend ordering a banner with a UV clear coating if you intend on using the banner over many years or if the banner is outside for more than 12 months.
What is the best way to store a banner when not in use?
It's best to make sure it's clean first, then store the banner either flat or around a cylinder to prevent creases.
What is the best method of installation?
The banner needs to be taught, either with bungee straps or ropes from each corner. It’s important that the banner isn’t installed loosely.
Can I order a banner over 1200mm high?
Yes, large banners are available on request, but don't include a UV coating, So limited use in the sun is recommended.