Magnetic Signs

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Vehicle magnets are great to use for vehicle signage when you don't want permanent signage. At Signs Plus we print our magnetic signs using the best quality materials to avoid shrinking and a curling edge. All magnetic signage is made using premium magnetic material. Digital prints have a UV resistant clear laminate.

Magnetic signs are great for point of sale displays, vehicle signage, temporary signage, or movable signage. All magnetic signs are made in house in Victoria only 4 hours from Melbourne.

We can manufacture magnetic signs to almost any size requirement up to 620mm high. Our standard sizes are 600mm x 200mm, 600mm x 270mm or 400mm x 180mm. Custom sizes are available. Standard size for most car magnets is 600mm x 270mm.

Always store magnetic signs flat, the side of a filing cabinet is ideal. Clean the vehicle thoroughly before applying the sign. Make sure that you only apply the sign to flat panels. When you wash your car wash the bonnet first, then wash the sides and the face of the magnetic sign, remove the sign and lay upside down on the bonnet. Wash the back of the sign and continue to wash where the sign was removed from and then continue to wash the rest of the vehicle. When the back of the sign and the panel is dry replace the sign. It is also a good idea to place a small amount of baby powder on the back of the sign before applying it to your car. It's recommended that this cleaning process is completed at least every two weeks depending on the conditions.


  • All signs made to order in most sizes.
  • Long lasting digital print laminated in a UV protective film.
  • Outdoor vinyl signs that give a strong colour and have a long outdoor rating.
  • We will work with you to provide what suits your needs and provide samples if needed.
  • Industry standard manufacturing using the latest printers.
  • Magnetic signs can be shipped to most places throughout Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put magnetic signs on my ute tailgate?
The quick answer would be no. Often there is a vacuum created behind vehicles so we only advise using magnetic signs on the sides.
Will my vehicle rust under the magnetic sign?
Magnetic signs do trap moisture and if the surface is not prepared correctly and regularly cleaned the panels can develop surface rust. Please download our care and maintenance PDF.
What is the best way to clean your magnetic signs?
I find the best way is when you wash your vehicle clean the bonnet and the signs then remove the signs and place face down on the bonnet and clean the back of the signs and the rest of your vehicle, dry both the signs and where they attach and refit.
How should I store my magnetic signs?
They best way is to store them flat; the side of a filing cabinet is ideal. Do not leave them in the car unless on a flat sheet of metal or the heat will distort the sign and it will no longer stick to the vehicle.