Acrylic Laser Cutting

Please note we are not currently taking new orders for Acrylic Laser Cutting

We provide laser cutting services to engineering firms, hobbyist, sole traders and entrepreneurs. We keep in stock clear acyclic in the following thicknesses, 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm & 6mm. Simply send us an email and let's get started! Acrylic is also commonly known by the trade names Perspex® and Plexiglas® We offer our acrylic laser cutting service Australia wide. If you are a hobbyist or enthusiast needing this service or after something for a commercial application we are here to help. Simply provide us a suitable vector file format (.dxf .eps .ai or .cdr). If you do not have your design drawn in the correct format, please provide accurate drawings or description of what exactly is needed. Extra setup fees will apply for this.

The Laser Cutting Advantage

Laser cutting acrylic has many advantages, highly accurate, polished edges, complex shapes, repeatability, economical and reduced risk of damage during cutting. The edges are smooth and there is no need for any subsequent cleaning and polishing.

Acrylic Types

There is two types of acrylics, cast and extruded. Casting yields a harder, sturdier, and more homogenous product and has greater chemical resistance with a greater range of thickness available. Extruded acrylic is less expensive but suffers from crazing on the laser cut edge. It is import to not use any type of solvent when cleaning. Acrylic offers a natural UV stable technology. We primarily cut cast acrylic.


  • Your design
  • We can help with your idea
  • Etching/engraving also available
  • High precision cutting

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for something, can you make it?
Let us know the details, and we'll see if it is possible.
What type of file do you require?
Vectors file formats are best, such as .dxf, .eps, .ai, .pdf or .cdr
Can I supply my own materials?
We would need to see the material and tests may be required.
How thick can the acrylic be that you cut?
We can cut up 20mm thick acrylic.
Can we have bends with our design?
Depending on the design, yes. We have acrylic bending machines. Depending on the complexity of the design and the amount required. We may need to make samples first.