Reflective Stickers

Fleet & Mine Spec Stickers

Reflective stickers are ideal for situations where you need your graphic or text to be legible during night or low light situations. All our reflective decals are made using quality 3M or Avery products and are made to be used in outdoor harsh environments. A protective UV clear coating can be applied to help the longevity in a mining environment.

Reflective decals come in many colour options such as reflective yellow/green, green, yellow, red, blue and white. Reflective decals can be supplied in a class 1 or class 2 vinyl. Class 1 is usually required by law in some situations.

Reflective deals can also be supplied as die cut vinyl lettering or be used as a background.

Some examples where reflective decals would apply:

  • Mining sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Helmets
  • Trailers
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Roadside signage
  • Bollards and posts


  • Quality 3M or Avery vinyl
  • Protective laminate option
  • Die cut to shape
  • Many colour options
  • 50mm or 100mm roll options
  • Australia wide delivery
Please note a minimum order price of $150 will apply.