Mine Spec Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Navigating through the intricate and rugged terrains of the mining sites in Australia necessitates vehicles that are not only robust but also visibly identifiable. Our magnetic signs, tailored precisely for mine vehicles, adhere strictly to the unparalleled standards of durability and visibility, ensuring seamless operations even in the most challenging conditions.


  • Custom Crafted Signs: Tailored to your specifications and available in numerous sizes.
  • Durable Digital Prints: Enhanced with a UV-protective film lamination for extended longevity.
  • Vibrant Outdoor Vinyl: Offering robust colours and notable long-term outdoor performance.
  • Industry-Leading Manufacturing: Utilising the latest printers and adhering to top industry standards.
  • Australia-Wide Shipping: Dispatched to the majority of locations throughout Australia.
  • Avery OmniCube T-11501 Fluro Yellow/Green: Class 1 Reflective Vinyl
  • Digimag Matte 0.9mm Mag Rubber: High quality magnets to ensure durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put magnetic signs on my ute tailgate?
The quick answer would be no. Often there is a vacuum created behind vehicles so we only advise using magnetic signs on the sides.
Will my vehicle rust under the magnetic sign?
Magnetic signs do trap moisture and if the surface is not prepared correctly and regularly cleaned the panels can develop surface rust. Please download our care and maintenance PDF.
What is the best way to clean your magnetic signs?
I find the best way is when you wash your vehicle clean the bonnet and the signs then remove the signs and place face down on the bonnet and clean the back of the signs and the rest of your vehicle, dry both the signs and where they attach and refit.
How should I store my magnetic signs?
They best way is to store them flat; the side of a filing cabinet is ideal. Do not leave them in the car unless on a flat sheet of metal or the heat will distort the sign and it will no longer stick to the vehicle.
What does the reflecitve sticker part do?
Imagine you have a special sticker. This sticker is super shiny, so even when it's a bit dark, light from torches or headlights can bounce off it and make it bright and easy to see. This sticker is really friendly to all types of vehicles - like trucks, cars, and even motorcycles, making sure they can be seen well. It's like putting a little light on them that doesn’t need batteries!

This special shiny sticker is also really, really strong. It can be outside in the sun, the rain, and the wind, and still stay shiny and new-looking for many years! So, all the vehicles using this sticker can be seen clearly for a very long time, keeping them safe and bright on their journeys. Isn’t that cool?