custom stencils

Custom Plastic Stencils AUSTRALIA

Signs Plus manufactures a wide range of laser cut custom and stock stencils. Stencils are laser cut from tough polypropylene, a fully recyclable product. They can be used both for lettering and suitable graphics. These stencils can be used with either a painter brush or spray painted on. Depending on the size and details required, a suitable thickness will be used. Black or yellow plastic is used.

Please be advised that, due to high demand, we are currently only accepting orders from customers with an Australian Business Number (ABN). Additionally, there is a minimum order value requirement of $150.


  • Flexible to bend in one direction
  • Durable material
  • Custom stencil sizes
  • Custom designed
  • Expert advice
Looking for our range stock stencils? Head over to our stock stencil page to learn more.

Artwork Guide

Text should have a minimum height of 20mm.
The serifs(feet) of the fonts should have the minimum thickness of 3mm.
Lines should not be thinner than 3mm.
A standard stencil font may be a better option for your brand.
Supplied artwork that needs to be changed to work as a stencil.
This is an example of how we may need to change your artwork.
If supplying us your logo, it's best to supply a vector file(.eps .pdf or .ai).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a stencil?
Stencils are very economical when you need to reproduce basic images or text on roads, boxes, storage bins, bags etc. Note stencils are normally for larger text and basic images.
We need a custom stencil for road markings out the front of our store, is this something you can do?
Yes, just email us the design and/or text that you require. Larger stencils are normally made up of sections so the stencil will fold up for easy storage.
Can you make those stencils for coffee cups?
Yes, but we will need a suitable image.
How do I enter my details?
Just email us the text required and any images or logos and we will get back to you. If a large number of different stencils are required, we will email you an easy to use spreadsheet.
Can I see what my finished stencil will look like?
Yes, we can send you a proof of the layout.
Is there a charge for artwork?
If the layout is basic text only there is no artwork charge. If images or graphics are required email the image preferably in a vector pdf. format and we will get back to you with a price after we evaluate the image.
What happens if there is a spelling mistake?
We normally send a proof, so please check it for spelling mistakes and other errors. If you miss an error and approve the job, we will normally redo the work at a reduced cost.