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Table throws provide effective brand presence for trade shows, corporate events, farmers markets, charity events, presentations and much more. All table throws are printed on a wringle resistant polyester material. Digitally printed with bright and vibrant colours and your design complexity is not limited, full colour graphics and photographs are easily reproduced.

Promotional trestle table covers can be used on the standard 4ft / 6t and 8ft tables.

Open back and closed back versions available.

Custom sizes are available on request, graphics are printed in full colour.

Please email any enquiries to

Care of your fabric table throws

Our table throws are normally printed on a polyester fabric so the number one thing to remember is do not dry clean, dry cleaning chemicals are too harsh and will damage the print.

Machine wash at 70 degrees Celsius or lower. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, use a mild synthetic detergent.

Tumble dry at 50 degrees Celsius or lower and remove immediatly.

Ironing is normally not required if the above instructions are followed, you can lightly iron at 120 degrees Celsius if required, it is best to iron from the backside.

Artwork and design

Pricing does not include artwork or design. We will be happy to give you a price on artwork and design, just email us the details. You can also download templates here.


Table throw pricing (artwork extra if required)

Flag quantities:








Std 4ft table
$195 ea
$180 ea
$168 ea
$162 ea
$155 ea
$140 ea
Std 6ft table
$217 ea
$208 ea
$203 ea
$199 ea
$192 ea
$185 ea
Std 8ft table
$263 ea
$254 ea
$244 ea
$237 ea
$221 ea
$210 ea

Fragged Empire table throw, backdrop and pull up banner at PAXAU