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Signs Plus will custom design your banner or flag and provide a proof before production. The banners are constructed from 75D, 100D and 150D knitted polyester. Loops, Velcro, eyelets or rope for mounting can be supplied. Flags come standard with sister clips, other options available.

Larger quantities are screen printed and smaller quantities are digitally printed, digital print has approx 80% colour bleed to the reverse side.

Pop Up A Frame Banners

Double sided custom printed pop up A frame banners. Digitally printed so almost any design is possible, including photographs. Durable, lightweight polyester fabric, easy to store in supplied bag, complete with pegs for windy conditions.

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Care of fabric banners and flags

Flags being subject to the elements, high wind, sunlight, dust and dirt all contribute to the breakdown of the fibres in the flag, especially the sewn edges at the extremities.
Local prevailing weather conditions will determine the life of your flag/fabric banner. To extend the life of your flag bring it in when strong winds are predicated. It is a good idea to put your flag out each morning if weather permits and bring it in at night. Flags flown at greater heights are also subject to higher winds.
Flags and fabric banners can be expected to last between 6 to 12 months depending on the conditions. They have also been known to only last 1 month in severe conditions and over 2 years in mild conditions.
Fabric banners will last a lot longer if attached to a wall or mesh fence. It is also important to ensure the flag is correctly attached to the rope, Most of our flags come with sister clips which makes for easy attachment.
Remember for the longest life bring in your flag each evening.

Fabric flag and banner pricing (digital)

Flag quantities:








Std flag
1800 x 900

$134 ea
$120 ea
$109 ea
$105 ea
$100 ea
$68 ea
Std banner with pockets for poles 1500 x 900
$130 ea
$115 ea
$104 ea
$100 ea
$95 ea
$63 ea
Pop up A frame banner
1200 x 700
$247 ea
$219 ea
$209 ea
$199 ea
$197 ea
$190 ea
Pop up A frame banner
2000 x 1000
$344 ea
$324 ea
$313 ea
$305 ea
$399 ea
$290 ea

Pop-up A frame banners

Pop up A frame banners

Flag attachments