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Signs Plus's quality digital printed banners provide that extra air of spontaneity that attract people to what is happening now!

General Information
Banners are digitally printed onto heavy duty PVC and If required clear coated then prepared for mounting or hemmed and eyelets fitted. See our pull up banner page for roll up banner and X banner stands

Digital printed banners

Pricing & Ordering
Please use our estimating program on the banner pricing and ordering page. You can then enter your requirements for a quick estimate. If the estimate suits your budget submit your details and we will e-mail you a firm quotation.

We can manufacture banners to almost any size requirement. banners over 1200mm high normally have a join in them.

Digital printing offers full colour reproduction and photographic images.

Quality signage is important to any business with the assistance of our capable layout artists you can be confident of a professionally designed sign. Please refer to our artwork submission page for details on submitting your artwork.

Banners installed outside are exposed to high wind, extreme temperature changes and sunlight, all these can reduce the life of your banner, therefore it is very important to hang and maintain the banner properly to assure the longest life possible. Tie banner as tightly as possible. Use bungees in preference to rope, the bungees will allow the banner to give in the wind instead of tearing. Keep tension on all four corners of the banner and make sure that the banner does not flap in the wind. Banners may be mounted on fences with cable ties and screwed to walls etc. Please download our PDF on banner care.

A nice tight banner better displays your message.

Less effort is required to mount banners indoors but remember to make sure that it is mounted tight level and wrinkle free, again bungees are the best.

Normal delivery 7-10 working days by Australia Post/Courier. Please enquire when placing an order or seeking a quotation, urgent jobs are our specialty.

Please email any enquiries to

Please click below to access our online pricing calculator and order form. You can use this form to calculate quantity discounts with attachment options, if you submit an order we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm payment options, proofs etc.


Digital printed banners