Medals & Medallions

Here at Signs Plus we can supply a wide variety of custom medals and medallions.

These are custom made for your sports event, marathon medals, corporate event or academic achievement. You can have your logo in full brilliant colour. We specialize in supplying to schools across Australia.

You can either choose from a pre-made set of medallion designs, which can be customised with your logo placed on the front with or without engraving on the back.

You can select a ribbon colour from our range of premade ribbons.

Classic finishes such as bronze, silver and gold.

Alternatively, we can work with you to make a fully customised medal or medallion. This includes, shape, colour, thickness, look, feel and ribbons. These can be double-sided full colour with or without a clear resin finish.

With all the different options, we are here to help work out the best solution for your needs.


  • Brilliant full-colour logo printing
  • Optional engraved backs
  • Optional fully custom shape
  • Durable Metal
  • Domed Logo
  • Prices to match your budget
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold Colour Finish

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity?
We have options starting from just 1 piece.
What is the cost?
Prices range from xx to xxx depending mainly on the size and how customised you require them to be.
Postage starts at $6.60 and will depend on the size of the order. Free pick up is also available.
What is the production time?
This depends on what we have in stock and the quantity. Orders can be sent out as quick as 1 week. Whereas full custom medallions that have a custom shape may take around 3-6 weeks. This is because they are produced in part overseas. If you have any further questions or concerns about this, give us a phone call.
Simply email us your requirements and let’s get started.