Sign Mounting Hardware

Signs Plus can supply a complete signage package including signage, bracing, posts and brackets. The signage is usually constructed flat then erected into the pre-dug holes. The signage is placed into the hole and sometimes held square with a bracing pole clamped on until the concrete is set.

We also supply signage with square posts with a flat plate on the bottom ready to mount with dyna-bolts onto a concrete footing.

The brackets allow both horizontal and vertical adjustment. This greatly aids the installation of the sign as precise spacing of the poles is not required. However, you need to make sure the poles are vertical and in a straight line, especially when more than two poles are needed.

When ordering a sign with mounting hardware please let us know the height the top of the sign needs to be from the ground. Then we can calculate the best signage mounting solution to suit your needs.

DMR bracing is bonded to the sign panel with VHB double-sided tape, there are no rivets or screws to mark the face of your sign.

standard DMR Bracket For Sign Mounting
Standard DMR bracket
Single sided bracket for single 50mm nominal bore post
Single sided bracket
Frisbee bracket for single or back to back mounting on 50mm nominal bore post
Frisbee bracket
Double sided bracket for mounting signs back to back on single 50mm NB post
Double-sided bracket

Standard DMR bracket as used on the sign above. Available to suit 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm N/B posts

Single sided bracket for single 50mm N/B post. Suitable for signs up to 500mm wide.

Frisbee bracket for single or back to back mounting on 50mm N/B post when brackets cannot be slid over the pole.

Double-sided bracket for mounting signs back to back on single 50mm N/B post.


  • Australia wide delivery
  • When ordering brackets, there is a minimum order of 5 sets.
  • Solid contruction made to last
  • Australian Made signage

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the bracing fixed to the sign panel?
Normally with 3M VHB tape. This gives a very high bond and keeps the sign face flat and smooth.
What is the size of the standard mounting poles?
For most smaller signs 4 square meters and below we normally supply 2” NB gal pipe with an outside diameter of approximately 65mm. Other sizes are available.
Why do most of your signs appear to be on aluminium?
1.6mm aluminium is our primary choice for sign panels. It is flat and rigid, fire resistant, light and strong, does not compress under fixings like composite aluminium. We will some times use composite aluminium for larger sizes and in certain circumstances.